Natural Hair Care for African Americans

Natural Hair Care for African Americans

The main principle of African American natural hair look after African Americans is clench the hair’s natural texture. this does notmean that you simply cannot braid or vogue your hair; what it suggests that is that you simply can avoid techniques like chemical relaxers, straightening techniques, and extensions.

How to Manage Your Hair Naturally

Especially for girls WHO have spent a lifespan within the salon chair enduring drawn-out hair treatments, learning a way to manage natural hair can involve plenty of study. Even the ny Times recently reportable on the difficulties veteran by African Americans once it involves reestablishing their natural hair.

The Big Chop or Transitioning

Some ladies WHO attempt to go natural prefer to interrupt all the hair that’s relaxed, straightened, or with chemicals altered. this could end in a awfully short haircut and is usually known as ‘The huge Chop.’ Others, however, take it slower and trim off antecedently relaxed hair little by little. this is often mentioned as transitioning. there’s no right or wrong method – however there ar things to stay in mind with each strategies. the massive Chop may be a forceful modification and not all ladies ar comfy with it. people who transition, however, ought to confine mind that it may be arduous to seek out designs to support 2 totally different hair textures. the realm wherever the relaxed hair ends and therefore the natural hair begins might also be weak thus further care is required once laundry, styling and detangling.

Basic Care:
There is no one-size-fits all technique to taking care of natural hair. However, there ar some ways in which to formbasic care easier.


Apply a pre-shampoo oil to stay hair from drying out. Use mild sulfate-free shampoos or those designed specifically for kinky hair. many ladies alternate shampooing with water laundry or conditioner-washing (also known as co-washing). Some ladies additionally conditioner wash completely. once laundry hair, divide the hair into sections and gently wash one section at a time, beginning at the scalp.


Acquisition is crucial to natural hair as a result of the oils from the scalp don’t seem to beadministered equally down the hair as a result of the twists and curls. In-shower acquisition with a moisturizing formula or a conditioner designed for kinky hair ought to be used when shampooing. Daily leave-in conditioners or hair oils additionally facilitate maintain wetness. Use a deep conditioner pro re nata, for many ladies a minimum ofonce a month. take care to use product that specify they’re created for deep acquisition.

Protein Treatments: supermolecule formulas will add strength, however mustn’t be overused. ladies WHO artransitioning may have a lot of supermolecule, and at-home supermolecule treatments may be used 2 to 3 times per month. For hair that doesn’t have abundant harm, supermolecule once per month will facilitate fortify the hair.

Deep supermolecule treatments ar typically reserved for terribly broken hair that has substantial breakage and may be done at a salon, however less usually than once each six to eight weeks. Alternate supermoleculetreatements with deep conditioners to stay hair healthy and balanced.


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